Cygnus Teaching School Alliance

NQT and Appropriate Body

Cygnus, Astra and Wycombe and Marlow Teaching School Alliances have agreed with Buckinghamshire County Council to support NQTs in Buckinghamshire. This includes carrying out Appropriate Body work and offering a core NQT Training Package.  The two packages are purchased separately to meet your needs.


Appropriate Body Service

All schools are free to choose their Appropriate Body, although Bucks CC have recommended Teaching Talent services for schools in the county next year. The Appropriate Body carries out statutory
duties to verify NQT induction and all three Teaching Schools offering this service can induct both primary and secondary NQTs. 

All the services will use the same online provider, NQT Manager.

The Role of the NQT Appropriate Body

The role of the NQT Appropriate Body is to ensure that:

Additional support from an SLE for an NQT who requires further intervention can be purchased in addition, at a rate of £350 + VAT per day. This support might include team teaching, joint planning and action planning, demonstration lessons or other activities according to the NQT's needs.

Cost of Appropriate Body Service via Teaching Talent - £225 per NQT ex. VAT

For further enquiries and for a booking form, please  email

Secondary NQT Training package (South Buckinghamshire)

The Teaching Schools have worked together to create a core NQT Training Package across the county.  Cygnus Teaching School Alliance will provide this core package to secondary schools in South Buckinghamshire. 

The programme that we believe will complement your own bespoke, in-house NQT training.  The sessions will be delivered by experienced practitioners from within and beyond Buckinghamshire.  It provides NQTs with an extended network of trainees and supports their professional development. 

 We look forward to your NQTs enrolling on the core programme to enjoy both high quality training and the opportunity to network more regularly with NQTs from other schools in South Buckinghamshire.

The core package consists of 6 sessions and will cost £200 per NQT

Additional sessions can be purchased separately at a cost of £50 per session.  



Date and Time

Behaviour Management

Rewards and sanctions, praise, consistency, managing low level disruption, clear instructions, signals and routines, de-escalation

Wednesday 18th September



Promoting Good Progress

Working memory, prior knowledge, planning for retention

Wednesday 9th October


Well-structured Lessons

Modelling, explanations, scaffolding, verbal/pictorial, abstract/concrete

Wednesday 6th November



Challenging questions, scaffolding pupil response, developing responses, using a range of questions

Wednesday 15th January


Adapting Teaching

Meeting individual needs of all pupils including more able learners, providing stretch, challenge and support and effective use of TAs

Wednesday 26th February


Pupil Feedback

Specific verbal feedback, manageable marking, self and peer assessment

Wednesday 25th March



Optional Additional Sessions


Date and Time

Managing Workload

Being an effective teacher whilst maintaining a work/life balance

Wednesday 4th December


Supporting Student Study and Revision Skills

Strategies to use to help students with study and exam revision skills

Wednesday 12th February


Supporting Pupils with Special Educational Needs

Supporting pupils with an EHCP, identifying SEND in your classroom

Wednesday 29th April




Wycombe High School, Marlow Hill, High Wycombe, HP11 1TB


£200 for 6 core sessions with optional additional sessions available at £50+ VAT per session

How to Book

Request a booking from from  Annie Fitzpatrick - Cygnus Teaching School Administrator and return to Annie Fitzpatrick